About the Film

The surf industry generates over 10 billion dollars a year and is growing. It is estimated that there are over 30 million surfers in over 60 countries. Over a million people start surfing every year in many countries. The surfing industry, culture and lifestyle however are a relatively new phenomenon that did not exist before the 1960’s. Before 1960, there were just a few hundred surfers in California. Just a few years later, there were thousands.

The Surf Zone is a documentary that explores how the interest in surfing exploded in the early 1960’s and has continued to grow ever since. Most surf historians agree that the movie Gidget released in 1959 was the spark that caused the explosive growth in surfing. The movie itself however could not have been as successful in increasing the level of interest unless several critical conditions and environmental factors existed.

The Surf Zone looks at these conditions and factors that lead to the increase in surfing. This story is told through the experiences of over 30 people that were a part of, contributed and witnessed this transformation in surfing. The story is told by professional surfers, shapers, magazine editors, Journalists, photographers, industry leaders and representatives and everyday surfers.

The documentary then continues to explore the surfing culture and what influenced the changes in the culture and the number of surfers. The culture of surfing roughly follows several generations of surfers and it is these generations of surfers that effected changes to the culture. The Surf Zone looks at the influences of the media, technology, current events, the industry and the surfers themselves and what impact they had.

Finally, the documentary looks at the future of surfing as described by surfers, media and industry leaders.

The film is scheduled for release June 2016.