Brandon Bunting

Brandon was born and raised in Texas and started surfing with a few friends during his early years. After becoming tired of less than spectacular surf in Texas and riding the wakes of large oil tankers, Brandon left his family and longtime girlfriend to move to Southern California and live the surfers dream. Brandon found opportunity in the surfing mecca of the world and started working for Stewart Surfboards in San Clemente.

Emily Corbitt

Emily started surfing in North Carolina in her younger years. She eventually moved to Southern California to enjoy the weather, climate but more importantly to surf in California. Once she started surfing at San Onofre, she quickly became part of the large community of surfers that call San O their surfing home. As with most surfers at San O, she is a long boarder representative of the modern surfer looking for the experience.

Don Craig

Don started surfing at the age of 5 in Hermosa Beach. His family is still good friends with legendary shapers and surfers including Dewey Weber, Dale Velzy, Hap Jacobs, Greg Noll and Bing Copeland. He surfed for these surf teams during his early years and was Quicksilver’s first sales rep in the United States. He also was instrumental in getting Ripcurl to create the now standard 3/2 mm wetsuit that everyone has. Don played an important role in the surf industry his whole life and is the founder of Old Guys Rule. Don continues to surf when the conditions are right.

Roy Crump

Roy Crump started surfing in the early 50’s and hasn’t stopped since. Roy witnessed the progression of surfing from just a few handful of surfers in the early 50’s to the millions of surfers in southern California today. Roy can tell you countless stories of most all the surfers in and around southern California. He spent many years in Hawaii and the mainland and surfed with the legendary Eddie Aikau. Roy continues to surf today in his local break at Huntington beach when the swell is good enough to go.

Henry Ford

Henry began surfing in the early 50’s and is one of the few remaining surfers of that day. He will be the first to tell you that the movie Gidgit ruined their way of life forever, for better or worse. He has been a part of the surfing community his whole life, participated in several of the early Hawaiian surf movies and was president of the longboard association among many other accomplishments. He has also been a part of the surf wear industry contributing to surf wear designs and clothing. Henry still has over a dozen surfboards, surfs as much as he can and even travels to Central America periodically to catch the perfect waves down south.

Ben Freeston

Ben is the founder and chief forecaster of Magicseaweed. He started wind surfing in England in his teens but quickly moved into surfing and has been surfing ever since. He worked in the internet field for several years and gained a good knowledge of technology. He was also quite good with numbers and data and soon realized the benefits to surfers of having a forecasting site they could use to predict the waves. He started Magicseaweed and has grown the brand to a leader in the surf forecasting and social media space.

Bradley Gerlach

Brad started surfing in the San Diego area with his friends and as he describes it, learned the hard way. He had no teachers or mentors to teach them they just learned to surf by trial and error. Brad moved to Huntington Beach in his high school years and started to compete in competitions. He soon made his mark and started surfing professionally. After surfing on the pro circuit for many years, he developed a proficiency in surfing large waves and is still considered one of the best big wave riders. Brad is a surf coach, teacher, consultant and surfs every chance he gets.

Rich Harbour

Rich Harbour grew up in the Seal Beach area during the pre Gidgit era. His family would go to the beach and enjoy the ocean. Rich took an interest in surfing by watching the small group of local surfers and eventually wanted to try building his own surfboard. He will tell you that his first board was quite the failure but he eventually persevered and soon he was building surfboards for his friends and strangers alike. He continued to improve his designs and methods and built one of the predominant board manufactures in southern California. Harbour Surfboards is one of few remaining original board makers from the 60’s and 70’s. His boards are ridden by everyday surfers and professionals alike.

Robert Howson Jr.

Robert grew up in the bay area and started surfing with a group of friends during high school. He tells stories of leaving for the day with his crew and driving up and down the central coast looking for waves. Some days were more successful than others but just going was an adventure during those days. Robert moved to the Long Beach area to attend school. He started working at one of the original surf wear shops Newport Surf and Sport. After a few years, He me Rich Harbour of Harbour Surfboards who persuaded him to run the store at his surf shop so he could focus on building surf boards.

Jim Kempton

Jim grew up in Guam and learned to surf in the warm tropical waters. His family moved to the San Diego area during his high school years and continued to surf even though he was miles from the beach. He was the editor at surfer magazine from 1978 – 1983. This was one of the most influential periods of surfer magazine before the outside influence from large surf wear companies. Jim continues to write surfing articles and is the president of the California Surf Museum in Oceanside.

Kevin Naughton

Kevin grew up surfing in Huntington Beach during a period of explosive growth in the surfing capital of the world. He started surfing with Craig Peterson and after a few years decided to go on a surfing adventure to South America. He began writing articles for Surfer magazine that told the compelling stories of travel, surfing adventures and other exploits from their adventures. Kevin continues to surf and travel the globe looking for the perfect wave. Craig and Kevin recently published the first of a set of three books on their surfing travels.

Craig Peterson

Craig is a California native that grew up surfing in Huntington Beach California. Craig gained an interest in photography and became a staff photographer for surfing magazine at age 17. He has a great perspective on what the surfing life was like in the surfing capital of the world. He and close friend Kevin Naughton started traveling the world working for Surfer Magazine looking for the perfect wave. Craig first started travelling to Central and South America in the 70 and 80’s. The duo continued to travel to Europe and Africa collecting numerous stories of surfing adventures along the way. Craig and Kevin recently published the first of a set of three books on their surfing travels.

Frankie Seely

Frankie Seely started surfing in Malibu at a very young age. She surfed for the Malibu high school surf team and has competed in many NSSA events. She is one of the new generation of surfers that surfs both long boards and short boards equally well. She has been featured in several web series and competes in WSL events. Frankie plans on attending college and surf for the school and continue to compete in professional surfing events.

Bill Stewart

Bill is more than happy to tell you he is Kentucky’s best surfer. He was born in Kentucky and moved to Florida in his early teens. His mom would let them ditch school and take the surfing on a good day. Wanting to get into the California surf scene, he move to Encinitas and started working for local shapers. He quickly learned the art of surfboard making and opened his first shop in Dana Point in 1978. Stewart Surfboards is one of the few surfboard manufactures that has lasted through the generations and was key to reviving the popularity of longboards in the late 1990’s. Bill continues to surf to this day and you can’t possibly miss his surf van at San Onofre.

Kai Takayama

Kai was born just before the turn of the century and is the son of Michael Takayama. Kai has been surfing since he was 14 years old and has a perspective on surfing common with his generation. He looks at surfing as being in harmony with the ocean and not as a competition. Surfing provides a great opportunity for a sense of community and his generation is contributing to this culture. He is one of many younger surfers that prefers long boards over short boards. Kai can be regularly seen up and down the coast participating in local surf events.

Michael Takayama

Michael grew up in Huntington Beach and is the nephew of legendary shaper Donald Takayama. He had no choice but to become a surfer as he was born into an extended surfing family. He can tell you stories of running around in his uncles shop and learning the craft of surfboard making along with surfing alongside many of Surfing’s legends. Michael has a great perspective on surfing culture through the generations as he has witnessed, participated and continues to contribute to the surfing culture. He enjoys competing in local surf club events ( he usually wins ) and coaches young surfers interested in learning and competing in surfing.

Chelsea Tuach

Chelsea was born and raised in Barbados, a tiny island in the Caribbean. She started surfing at an early age when her family would go to the beach for the day and her brothers would go surfing. Not wanting to be left behind, she decided she also wanted to surf, took a few lessons and quickly picked up the sport. Chelsea started competing in her early teens and won her first pro-am event at 15 years old. After competing in the qualifying series for the WSL for a few years, she won a key event in Spain that allowed her to advance to the Championship Tour of the WSL, the highest level of competition for surfing. Chelsea is now traveling the world surfing in the top events.

Steve Hawk

Steve Hawk started surfing in San Diego at age fourteen and has never looked back. After attending college in Santa Barbara, he started writing articles for a few southern California newspapers. This writing experience and love of surfing eventually landed him a job as the editor of surfer magazine from 1990 to 19998. He then moved on to become the editor for surfline/ This opportunity allowed Steve to witness how surfing culture was influenced by the media and how the internet changed the way people surf forever. Steve is also one of the few people that has ridden waves in all seven continents.

John Warren

John started surfing in the Capistrano beach area in 1957 when there were just a handful of surfers around. He had the unique opportunity to participate in surfing culture before it became popular when the notion of a waterman meant something. He will tell you stories of surfing with the Hoffmans, Micky Munoz and many other legends of surfing. He also provides a great commentary on how surfing has changed and some of the influences that has changed surfing culture through the generations. John continues to surf to this day and can be found at San O when the conditions are right and time permits.

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams grew up in sunny Southern California and started surfing at an early age with his family. He started surfing longboards at Doheny like many young surfers do and quickly got "stoked" on surfing. Once they mastered the waves there, they started surfing San Onofre down south and have surfed there ever since. Daniel now surfs as a team rider for Harbour Surfboards and competes in many of the local competitions sponsored by the local surf clubs. Daniel represents the next generation of surfers that just want to surf and be part of the community.